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Welcome to Chocolate Radio, your Global Internet Radio streaming station across the world with the most innovated dance music with large number of music sweeps every day.We have a number of high quality DJ presenters playing the best of the best in dance music selected by a team of music experts. So, take a listen by clicking one of the icons above to stream the live broadcast.

About Chocolate Radio


First Launched 1992 - Present

Chocolate Radio founder Roger Brookes launched the station in 1992 as a test soul station inspired by the likes of Invicta, JFM & Horizon Radio from the 80s. Roger Brookes worked on TKO owned by Louie St Clare, as Roger B, the mastermix DJ Presenter. Then Co-found Touch FM with the continental wine bar owner which ran for some time before closing down late 90s. Roger Brookes then worked on Soul FM with Pete Simmons, which was owned by Lenny and his team in east London.

Chocolate Radio did not make it passed its testing, due to changes in the radio industry so, the station got shelved for a while before returning in 2008 as a test transmission before going live in 2010 on wards and has been a R&D program for Roger Brookes the founder.


The station is now developing into a global internet radio station offering global dance music to a multi-language listener across the global. With their technology and innovation drive Chocolate radio are breaking barrowers across the world. Audience numbers are growing daily so, chocolate radio are turning the heads of all listeners.


Roger Brookes offers exclusive mastermixes that you can only here from chocolate radio, the presenters are specially picked by a team of experts, to join the likes of Neil Charles, Pete Simmons, Gary Hunt, Roger Brookes, Sarah J, and Andy B plus more to give you a special music experience when you listen to chocolate radio.

Roger Brookes was part of the underground soul mafia who aimed to have a true soul station that gave you choice and introduce new artist that needed to break into the uks dance and soul markets.

Roger Brookes worked alongside the likes of Louie St Clare, Mike A, Matt Daniels, Ray Bradshaw, David Rodigan, Froggy, Steve Walsh, Jasper the vinyl Junkie, Steve Walsh and many, more. He was inspired by the likes of Froggy, Mastermind and Les Adams to form his own style of mixing to bring to the-for front of the dance/soul era.