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This is a famous club with the mixing tools for an experience DJ presenter to do his or her stuff on the wheels of steel, using some high tech mixing consol. 

How we use to mastermix on the decks, back in the days where we didn't have the technologies we've got today. Mixing with a good ear to hear the beat as it comes into the mix

This is for Legends DJ master mixers who can mix using different decks ie turntables and CD MP3 decks, holding a mix and blending three or four records/MP3 tunes together and the crowd goes wild while he or she is in the mix.

Welcome to Chocolate Radio, your Global Internet Radio streaming station across the world with the most innovated dance music with large number of music sweeps every day.We have a number of high quality DJ presenters playing the best of the best in dance music selected by a team of music experts. So, take a listen by clicking one of the icons above to stream the live broadcast.

The Story of Mixing  

The boroughs of New York City became the breeding ground for experimentation. In 1973, DJ Kool Herc made a name for himself as the "father of hip-hop," laying down the jams for huge block-parties, mainly in the Bronx. It was Kool Herc who started mixing two identical records together, at the same time, extending the parts of the records he thought had the best booty-shakin' beats. This technique was called "break."

This was the time when turntablism really grew into it's own. No longer were djs simply picking out songs and playing them. They were now artists and musicians of their own, manipulating songs to create new and exciting beats for people to enjoy for hours. Bands were formed who produced their music electronically from beginning to end, a totally new concept.

Hip-hop and electronic music blended, bringing in the disco era of the 1970's. These new dance clubs were pioneers in that they did away with live acts completely, leaving djs to do their thing all night.

In 1975, a hip-hop DJ called Grand Wizard Theodore accidentally discovered the scratching technique, when a dj manually moves the record up and down on the needle, warping the sound.

In the early 80's, a club in Chicago called The Warehouse opened up, and the djs that spun there began to create a whole new sound. It was called house music, after the club, and was disco-inspired and heavily electronic. Resident dj was Frankie Knuckles. House music remains today one of the biggest and brightest genres of electronic dance music. It usually keeps it simple with a 4/4 beat, and heavy use of drum machines and samplers, and of course, a solid heavy bassline.

Not to be outdone, Detroit began creating a sound of it's own, known to us all by now as straight techno. Techno is different from house music in that it takes the disco out of itself almost completely, leaving the listener to enjoy pure electronic noise.

In 1985, the Winter Music Conference formed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, becoming a mecca of sorts for djs of all kinds and styles to come together and compare techniques. To this day the conference is a week of ongoing parties, culminating in the 2-day Ultra Music Festival held in Miami. There's really nothing like it.


A  program called Serato Scratch Live hit the stage in 2004, and has sense become the standard for turntable djs who want to blend their vinyl collection with their extensive mp3s. in 2006 the program came out with it's own mixer to make the process even smoother. There is even a plug-in for the program that allows djs to manipulate music videos the same way they work their records!

But you don't even need to work the old turntables anymore if you don't want to. Many djs work their music by mp3 alone, with special electronic tables that are worked and manoeuvred just like real recurs, only there isn't anything on them.

Dance music continues to evolve it's sound. These days house music djs are experimenting with different filters and effects to create jarring, noisy dance beats. Mash-up is hitting the scene hard as well, in which a dj will mix two songs together, the beat from one and the vocal track from another most often, to create a catchy new sound. And now, with DJ Hero hitting shelves of game stores everywhere, it seems the world of djs will never stop growing.




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