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Meet The Team Behind The Decks

Meet and learn more about the DJ’s/Presenters who play the music you love here on Chocolate Radio .

Roger Brookes Owner of Chocolate Radio London England and DJ Presenter

Roger Brookes

Show: The Loft / Time Lines

Saturdays and Sundays for the best in Soulful House and on Wednesdays it’s Timeline 80’s Disco.

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Presenter / DJ Mark North Chocolate Radio London

Mark North

House Odyssey & Soul Explosion

Marks DJ career took him to London Records & Polygram, He was also in artist management & his own house tracks.

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Presenter / DJ Gary James Chocolate Radio London

Gary James

Show: BackTrax / Soulful House

Join Gary on Mondays 1600pm – 1800pm for the best in BackTrax and Wednesdays for Soulful House.

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Presenter / DJ Sarah J Chocolate Radio London

Sarah J

Show: Music Forum

Sarah presents the Music Forum and features her eclectic section of music from all genres of soul music.

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Presenter / DJ Andy Mac Chocolate Radio London

Andy Mac

Show: Soul & Disco Greats

The Andy Mac Soul & Disco Show is where you will hear the big tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Every Saturday & Sunday 6pm – 8pm.

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Presenter / DJ Peter Johns Chocolate Radio London

Peter Johns

Show: Classic Solid Soul

My passion for music & interest in musicians & artists found me collecting various genres of music from overseas and locally from an early age.

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Presenter / DJ Destruction Chocolate Radio London

DJ Destruction

Show: Flava's

DJ Destruction is credited with production on the highly acclaimed ‘Kaos’ album & has also worked with artists such as LL Cool J.

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DJ Presenter Gary Hunt from Chocolate Radio

Gary Hunt

Show: Soul Magic

Gary plays a wide mix of music in his shows including the 70’s and 80’s classics Reggae, R&B along with Soulful House

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Presenter / DJ Andy Davies Chocolate Radio London England

Andy Davies

Show: Classic & Northern Soul

Andy is delighted to be joining Chocolate Radio where he will play a big slice of soul, a side order of funk & accompaniments

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Pete Simmons DJ Presenter at Chocolate Radio London

Pete Simmons

Show: Essential Rhythms

Pete has been active in soul music for over 40 years, starting as a DJ just after leaving school and persuading

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Presenter / DJ Max Million the Back To Back Show on Chocolate

Max Million

Show: Back to Back

Love Soul?  Get the 100% Back to Back soul jazz funk music experience from over 5 decades of Max’s music.

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Mike A, dj at Chocolate Radio

Mike A

Show: Soulful Waves

Mike is the newest and youngest member of the team here at Chocolate Radio, joining us to look after the

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Mike Howard

Show: Sat & Sun 9am - 11am GMT

Join Mike on Saturday and Sunday Breakfast 9am – 11am GMT for the best in soul jazz-funk and R&B music .

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Andy Field Breakfast DJ Presenter Chocolate Radio

Andy Field

Show: Breakfast

Andy Field presents the Chocolate Radio Breakfast Show every Tuesday & Thursday 8am until 11am GMT.

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Presenter / DJ Chris Stewart the Back in the Groove Soul Show on Chocolate Radio London

Chris Stewart

Show: Back in the Groove

Founder and owner of Europe’s first 24/7 soul radio station in London, with Chris the music comes first.

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London calling the overnight music sweep of the best in soul Jazz Funk and R&B, guaranteed to keep you awake all night

London Calling

Show: The Music Sweep

The overnight music show features guest DJ’s and replays of some of the weeks live DJ’s Shows.

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Chocolate choice the automated soul music selection request show on Chocolate Radio London

Chocolate Choice

Show: Listeners Choice

Chocolate Choice is our in house automated playlist compiled from listeners requests to hear their favourite records.

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