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Show:  The Loft – Soulful House

Show: Timeline 80’s Disco

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Roger Brookes

Show: The Loft – Soulful House – Sunday 13.00pm – 16.00pm GMT

Show: Timeline 80’s Disco – Wednesday; 20.00pm – 22.00pm GMT

Show: The Loft – Soulful House – Saturday 13.00pm – 16.00pm GMT



Roger finding London’s Radio Invicta back in the late 70’s was the big inspiration to get involved both in soul music and radio. Roger was also very impressed by the legendary Froggy for his mixing abilities along with Mastermind and a few others.

After seeing Froggy mix live, it inspired Roger to take up the art of mixing and over time has developed his own style of mixing which today you can hear on his Chocolate Radio shows.

Roger worked as a DJ in local clubs, then join radio with shows on London’s TKO (owned and run by Louie St Clair) as Mastermix DJ. He later went on to Co-found Touch FM, which ran until the late 90’s, later going on to join Soul FM.

Times where changing in the unlicensed radio world in London, so Roger looked to the future of radio and what might happen in broadcasting. In 2009 he registered the domain name www.Chocolate-Radio.Com, thinking this might be the future of radio. This proved to be right and test transmissions where carried out.

As technology has developed, more and more radio station have started broadcasting on the net, but other commitments slowed the advancement of Chocolate Radio, which has been an R&D program for Roger.

Now with a new team of soul presenters Roger has give the station another push. Today Chocolate radio is an Internet soul radio station broadcasting globally with an audience that is building daily.

Looking back to those early days, Roger smiles and just says thank you to those people who have inspired him over the years. Tony Johns and the Radio Invicta DJ’s along with the brilliant Froggy for the master mixing classes.

Catch Roger here on Chocolate Radio on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays with the Roger Brooks Master mixing shows along with the best in Soul Jazz Funk and Disco.


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