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Ben Holtam aka BenG (Benjie) began his DJ career with a pair of belt-driven turntables which he was given for his 14th birthday. At that time, he solely played hip hop music.

 As soon as he was old enough, BenG took out a bank loan and bought a set of Technic 1200s. From here, he never looked back.

 Hailing from Cornwall (UK), BenG began producing mixtapes and guesting at house parties before securing his first guest slot. That quickly turned into a residency at the local hip hop night in Plymouth, known as The Flava.

 The Flava slot helped BenG build his following as well as his connections. From here came radio show guest appearances, travel around the country and performing to new, bigger crowds.

 During the late 90s, BenG began travelling back in time musically, exploring the sampled originals that had contributed to his love for hip hop. Discovering the art of funk, soul, jazz and eventually disco, this journey led BenG to garage, the electronic music of the 80s and on to house music.

 Playing clubs from Cornwall to Manchester, BenG took his music from the dancefloor to the airwaves when he launched ‘DJ BenG Presents’, a radio show and podcast.

 The two-hour show aired for several years, on multiple stations around the globe. It consistently delivered the freshest house music and featured a guest DJ each week.

 Alongside this, BenG later produced a second podcast known as ‘The Rebirth’: an eclectic mix of future beats, hip hop and old funk and soul. The Rebirth was heavily influenced by BenG’s past musical experiences, all dug deep from his extensive record collection and drawing on his wide musical knowledge.

 Today BenG enjoys playing a mix of disco and house for music lovers in bars and bistros, but he still loves to take it to the clubs and entertain the dance crowds.

 Following a break for a couple of years, he is now back to his music and plans for the future are coming, so watch this space!

 You can follow and find DJ BenG on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and find his mixes and podcasts on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and hearthis.







DJ Beng Presenter Chocolate Radio


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