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Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart is the founder of London’s legendary first 24hr Soul Radio Station, which took to the airways on the 11th of October 1981. Broadcasting from tower blocks in London. Horizon Radio over the next 3 years broadcast more hours of Soulful music than any other radio station during that time.

On October the 11th at 14.57pm. 1984 after becoming one of the most listened to radio stations in London & the Home Counties) UK. The Radio Interference Department (RID) along with the Department Of Industry (DTI) visited the station and took it off line; This resulted in a studio worth £20.000 being confiscated. The station was not licensed to broadcast, but was created to show there was a need here in the UK for radio to entertain listeners who had a love of genre’s of music, other than pop, and by the listenership Horizon Radio rerecorded over the years. This showed the BBC who had a monopoly in broadcasting was not FIT FOR PURPOSE. The BBC since it’s birth has taxed every household in the UK, wasted tax payers money & never delivered as Netflix, Sky and others have proven. The BBC only provided income for the Lords and Ladys who run the out dated broadcasting empire?

Horizon Radio had broadcast for 7 months, 24hrs a day continuously at this time, the first and only unlicensed broadcaster to achieve this. The station covered area’s as far West of London to Reading, North into Mid Hertfordshire, East into Essex as far as Southend-on-Sea and south to Brighton.

After the closedown of Horizon Radio by the RID/DTI, Horizon Radio fell silent For 4 months. The station reappeared on the 15th of January 1985. In 1985 Horizon came back on 94.5fm with a new line up of DJ’s/Presenters and became even more popular. This was proved on the 15th of September 1985 when Horizon Radio closed for the final time to apply for a radio license.

The final day saw a studio broadcast with Chris Stewart closing Horizon Radio and then handing over live to the Harrow Leisure Center on an outside broadcast until close down. Up To (3 estimates?) 20.000 listeners turned up to say good bye and thank Horizon Radio. 25 PA’s from stars of the Soul and Reggae music industry came to say farewell.

Horizon Radio did everything it could to get a legal 24hour VHF soul radio station for the UK. We nearly succeeded, but sadly others by FRAUD stopped the licenses of 1986 being issued. The station in 1983 created the phrase’s “The Soul Family” and Roadblock which described all the Horizon Radio events put on across London as they were always full with massive queues outside

With Chris Stewart, it’s all about the music we love.

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