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DJ’s Chocolate Radio Meet The Team Who Play The Music You Love

DJ’s Chocolate Radio Meet The Team Who Play The Music You Love 24/7 Around The Globe.

DJ's Chocolate Radio Meet The Team Who Play The Music You Love

Mark North DJ Music Box Tuesday and Soul Explosion on Thursdays 8pm-11pm on Chocolate Radio

Mark North:

Shows: Music Box – Soul Explosion.

Mark North presents the Music Box Tuesday Evening 8pm-11pm & Soul Explosion Thursdays Evenings 8pm – 11pm (UK) GMT.

Mark North's Bio

Tina E Clark The Smooth Jazz Show Presenter Chocolate Radio

Tina E Clark:

Show: The Smooth Jazz Show.

Tina E Clark based in Dallas Texas brings the Smooth Jazz Show to Chocolate Radio every Sunday morning 9am-11am with replays during the week.

Tina E Clark's Bio

Andy Field Presents the morning show 9am-11am on Chocolate Radio Monday to Friday

Andy Field:

Show: Soul City Mon-Fri Am.

NSPCC Soul Weekender promoter Andy Field presents the Soul City Show here on Chocolate Radio Monday through Friday 9am until 11am GMT.

Andy Fields Bio

DJ Destruction Presenter of the Flav's show on Chocolate Radio

DJ Destruction:

Shows: Flava’s & Flava’s MasterMix.

DJ Destruction, who is credited with production on the highly acclaimed ‘Kaos’ album, goes in the mix on Mondays & Fridays 8pm-10pm with Flava’s Mix.

DJ Destructions Bio

Al Seaforth The Soul & Jazz Show live from the USA Sundays 11am - 1pm on Chocolate Radio

Al Seaforth:

Shows: The Soul & Jazz Radio Show.

Al Seaforth comes live from his home City Washington DC every Sunday 11am until 1pm UK Time, with the Soul & Jazz Radio Show.

Al Seaforth's Bio

Jade & Ian the Vinyl Avengers present the Retro Soul Show Sundays 6pm-8pm on Chocolate Radio

The Vinyl Avengers :

Show: Retro Soul Sundays.

The Vinyl Avengers (Loadx & LadyJane) present the retro soul show with 100% vinyl only, every Sunday 6pm until 8pm UK time.

The Avengers Bio

The Soulful Hose Show with Dominic H Monday and Saturday on Chocolate Radio

Dominic H:

Show: Soulful House Mon & Sat.

DJ Dominic Formally know as DJ Chubbstarr back in the day (Kemet Crew album) presents a special blend of Soulful House Saturdays 6pm-8pm +.

Dominic H Bio

Paul Bagley The House Music Show Wednesdays 9pm-11pm On Chocolate Radio

Paul Bagley:

Show: House Music Wednesdays.

Join Paul live here on Chocolate Radio Wednesday evenings 9pm through 11pm for the House Music Show and catch him live on his stream on Facebook.

Paul Bagley Bio

Wayne Kennedy DJ Chocolate Radio Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays On Chocolate Radio

Wayne Kennedy:

Shows: Soul & Disco. Tue/Fri/Sat

Wayne presents 3 shows Tuesdays 6pm-8pm, The Soul Show. Fri 6pm-8pm, Soul & Disco Show, Sat 10am-1pm The Jazz Funk & Northern Soul Show.

Wayne Kennedy Bio

Pete Simmonds presents the Essential Rhythms Show Sundays 4pm-6pm live from France on Chocolate Radio

Pete Simmons:

Show: Essential Rhythms.

Live from Brittany France, Pete Simmons brings the The Essential Rhythm Show to Chocolate Radio, Sundays, 4pm-6pm that’s 5pm-7pm for French listeners.

Pete Simmons Bio

DJ Alby V presents the Soulective Show on Chocolate radio Wednesdays 6pm-9pm UK

Alby V:

Show: Soulective.

Alby V brings his huge vinyl record collection to Chocolate Radio every Wednesday Evening 6pm – 9pm with the Soulective Show, classic Soul at its best.

Alby V Bio

Bobby J DJ Chocolate radio Saturdays 11pm-1am UK House & DnB On Chocolate Radio

Bobby J:

Show: Pic & Mix.

Bobby J, drops in on Chocolate Radio, Saturday evenings with the Pic & Mix Show 11pm-1am, It’s Old Skool, House & Drum “n” Bass plus lots more.

Bobby J Bio

TJ Dravids Presents Soul Connections the radio show Thursdays 6pm-8pm on Chocolate Radio

TJ Dravids:

Shows: Soul Connections

TJ Dravids and Soul Connections brings more classic vinyl grooves to Chocolate Radio on a Thursday evening from 6pm – 8pm, Its soul vibes all the way.

TJ Dravids Bio

Pete Anderson presents the Weekend Windown Sundays 8pm-11pm on Chocolate Radio

Pete Anderson:

Show: Weekend WindDown.

Pete Anderson & The The Weekend Wind Down Show Sunday 8pm-11pm. Everything you want to hear soulful and more at the end of the weekend.

Pete Anderson Bio

Sara J DJ Chocolate Radio Thursdays

Sarah J:

Show: The Simply Soulful.

The Sarah J Simply Soulful Show brings everything soulful to the airways, learning about soul with Marvin Gaye, you know what’s coming!.

Sarah J Bio

Peter Johns presented the Classic Solid Soul Show on Chocolate Radio until 2020 when he Passed away. RIP Pete we miss you

Peter Johns:

Show: The Classic Solid Soul.

Peter Johns presented The Classic Solid Soul Show here on Chocolate Radio until earlier in 2020, sadly he has now passed away and we miss him. Love You Pete!

Peter Johns Bio

DJ Beng Chocolate Radio Mix DJ

DJ Beng:

Shows: The Mix Sessions

DJ Beng is a mixman and loves just putting soulful music together. You will find him popping up in various sessions on Chocolate Radio in the mix.

DJ Beng Bio

Roger Brooks DJ Saturdays and Sundays 1pm-4pm and Owner Of Chocolate Radio

Roger Brooks:

Show: The Mix Master.

Roger Brooks The Mix Master presents the Soulful House Show Saturdays and Timeline on Sundays 1pm until 4pm here on Chocolate Radio.

Roger Brooks Bio

Gary Hunt Presents The Soul Affair on Chocolate Radio

Gary Hunt:

Show: The Soul Affair.

Gary Hunt presents Soul Affair early Monday morning & Saturday morning from midnight until 4am. The Show guaranteed to keep you awake.

Gary Hunt Bio

Club Azure Live & Recorded Saturday Nights On Chocolate Radio 8pm-11pm

Club Azure:

Show: Club Nights Saturdays.

Club Azure is when Chocolate Radio hand over the decks to live clubs & DJ’s across the world, connecting via the Internet. Show can also be recorded.

Club Azure Bio

DJ Max Million The Back To Back Show On Chocolate Radio


Shows: Soulfully Yours

Soulfully Yours with Max-Million here on Chocolate Radio. A blend of everything soulful from back in the day right up to today’s current releases.

Max-Million Bio

Intimate Connection The soulful Sunday Night late show on Chocolate Radio 11pm-12 midnight

Intimate Connection:

Show: The Slow Jams Show.

Intimate Connection Chocolate Radio’s Slow Jams Show featuring all of the classics and newbies, The Loves Night In Sunday Evening 11pm-midnight.

Slow Jams Show Bio


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