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Show: Club Azure Live  Saturday Nights UK 8pm – 11pm GMT.


Club Azure

Live on Saturday Nights 8pm – 11pm UK GMT is reserved for going live to nightclubs and DJ’s all over the world!

Chocolate Radio has the technology to connect up with nightclubs across the world live, or if you are not running during the hours of 8pm – 11pm UK GMT, shows can be recorded on .MP3 and email direct to us here in London for transmission on the next available date.Club Azure Live Saturday Night 8pm - 11pm UK GMT on Chocolate Radio

So if you are a DJ working at a nightclub, this is your chance to get you’re name and nightclub delivered live to our listeners across the world, great promotion for you and your workplace.

Live Shows!

All you will need is to be open and running during our transmission times and have an Internet connection with an uplift speed to the web of 6 to 8mbs. We can also show you how to stream in across the web at the same time. Just one-thing levels of audio have to be monitored to avoid distortion.

Recorded Shows

Again recording your activities in the club are so easy today. We need 3 hours of you and your nightclub in action recorded as an .mp3 highest quality, which you can do on any computer then mailed to us via We Transfer for large files.

Home Based DJ’s

DJ’s if you can mix it up with the best, you to can also get involved. Many DJ’s to day have home studios so a connection via the web is all you need, stream video and or photos would be great to.

Club Azure Live Saturday Nights

If you would like to get involved with the broadcast on a Saturday night, please contact us by email via the form below and we will talk you through the process, lets get you involved on a Saturday Night.

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