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Eddie Ongsod In The Mix live from Taiwan on Chocolate Radio every Wednesday & Friday afternoons 2pm-3-pm UK Time on Chocolate Radio

Eddie Ongsod

Show: “In The Mix” Taiwan Style

Wednesday And Fridays 2pm – 3pm UK GMT.

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Eddie Ongsod

Eddie Ongsod embarked on his journey in the world of DJing in 1981, initially honing his craft as a bedroom DJ while amassing a diverse collection of records. By 1988, his passion for music propelled him into the club scene, where he showcased his talent behind the decks until 2004.

Transitioning from the nightlife, Eddie redirected his career path towards the corporate realm, working as a purchasing consultant for a prominent Norwegian company in Asia. Despite his professional commitments, his love for mixing and blending beats never waned, remaining a cherished hobby throughout the years.

Eddie Ongsod In The Mix

Today, Eddie is an integral member of the Chocolate Radio team, where he shares his passion for soul music with the world through two captivating shows each week Wednesday And Fridays 2pm – 3pm UK GMT, with reruns ensuring continuous enjoyment for listeners.


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